Manicure & Pedicure

Gel Nail

New set Gel Nail (Sculpt)

Sculpting consist of a use of a nail form to create an artificial nail, this will create a longer free edge without the application of nail tips. A nail forms are flexible, reusable or disposable items that are placed under the free edge of the natural nail. Once the nail have been sculpted onto the forms and allowed to dry. The nail forms are carefully removed and either disinfected or discarded.

New set Gel Nail (Tip)

Nail tips are use to add length,  they are plastic, nylon or acetate finger-shaped extensions that are applied to natural nails  using a nail adhesive and they can also provide a temporary length enhancement, but they are more often used as a base for nail wrap, acrylic or gel products. Nail tips comes in in natural, clear, white or a variety of other colors to create different effects or look. Gel Nail Gel is an acrylic-based product that is applied to the nail plate, after which the hand is placed under a light (ultraviolet or halogen). This creates a chemical reaction that causes the product to harden or cure. The finish looks between gel nails and acrylic nails, are similar, one major distinction between gel nails and acrylics nails is the way they harden or cure. With acrylic, the chemical reaction between the powder and liquid acrylics causes the product to dry and harden on its own. Gel products do not fully harden or cure until they are exposed to either an ultraviolet (UV) or harden light. Another difference is that gel products are in a gel-like form rather than a powder and liquid mixture.

Gel maintenance

Gel nails need to be maintained every two to three weeks as with all artificial nail services, depending upon fast the client’s nails grow. Because as the nail grows out, a fill-in or re-balancing service is needed, the maintenance of a two weeks gel is similar to a two weeks acrylic. It is important to keep up this maintenance on gel nails to keep them looking new. 

Two-Week Gel Nail Maintenance

As with acrylics, a two-week gel maintenance differs if pink and white gel was used and the smile line needs to be replaced or moved back. Any cracks or lifting is repaired at this time.

Four-Week Gel Nail Maintenance

The four gel maintenance is performed to re-balance the nail and to fill in the new growth as well as to re-position the white gel smile line as with the four- week acrylic maintenance. For this procedure, pink, white and clear gel is used.

Gel Nail Removal

Gel nails cannot currently be removed or be dissolved by using the acetone or any other solvent like nail wrap and acrylic nail. This is due to gel nails being highly cross-linked polymers . To remove gel nail the product has to be gently filed away. An extra precaution is necessary when filing the product off to preserve the heath of the natural nail and to not over-file the nail plate. Using a heavy hand and an abrasive that is too coarse is to be avoided.

Nail Wraps

Is a woven mesh material that adds strength to the nail? There are several types of fabric used for nail wraps including fibreglass, silk, linen and occasionally certain types of paper.

Nail Wrap Maintenance

To maintain the strength the nail wraps provide, clients must return regularly to see us to keep their artificial nails healthy and balanced. Nail wraps are also useful when a client’s natural nail becomes cracked or needs repairing. As the nail grows out, it will need to be re-balanced, usually every two weeks. This is also referred to as a fill-in or refill service. Fill in means that we will be applying product to the new growth area of the nail.

Two-Week Nail Maintenance

 As the nail grow out, the natural nail is exposed at the cuticle area. It is necessary to perform maintenance in order to keep the nail balanced. Two-week wrap maintenance is sometimes referred to as a glue-fill because only the resin is being replaced. Two- week wrap maintenance is different from a four-week wrap maintenance because at this time no fabric is being replaced, only the resin.

Four-Week Wrap Maintenance

The difference between a two-week wrap maintenance and four-week wrap maintenance is that after four weeks, the nail has grown out and the fabric must be replaced. Like a two-week fill, the product must be balanced and repaired if necessary, but new fabric must be measured and trimmed to fill the new growth. Every other fill, or every four weeks, the fabric needs to be placed over the new growth area.

Nail Wrap Removal

It is very important to keep the natural nails in a healthy condition during the removal of nail wrap. Fabric can be removed by using acetone, which will soften and dissolve the nail wrap. Nail wrap will dissolve easily in the product removers because they are simple polymers.

Natural Nail Repair

This procedure is applied on a client with cracked or torn nail. This service will preserve the client nail until it grows out. A piece of fabric or mesh is cut to cover the crack or break in the nail to provide the extra support needed. The wrap is then blended with the natural nail and is virtually invisible. If a natural nail repair is necessary, it is applied before soaking the nails in water for a basic manicure or performing any other service such as hot oil manicure or a paraffin wax. This is necessary because any extra moisture in the nail plate may cause the repair to lift off the natural nail. Myth:  Artificial nails cause mold, bacterial growth or infection. When properly applied, artificial nails don’t cause these problems. A technician, who improperly prepares the nails, fails to follow the manufacturer’s instruction for application, or who uses contaminated implements may create an opportunity in which these problems can develop.

Acrylic Nail

An acrylic nail is created by using a combination of an acrylic powder called polymer and an acrylic liquid called monomer. Polymer or Acrylic powder , is a powdered acrylic that is available  in a variety of colors. For basic acrylic nail application, pink, white, clear or neutral color is typically used. Monomer or Acrylic liquid, is a liquid form of acrylic that is combined with the polymer to create an acrylic nail.

Acrylic Nail Maintenance

Acrylic Nail maintenance is very similar to Nail Wrap maintenance,  as the natural nails grow, the product moves forward with the of the nail. A fill-in- or re-balancing service is needed every two to three weeks.

Two- week acrylic Nail Maintenance

As the natural nail is exposed to the cuticle area, it is important to re-balance the nail making sure the thickest area is in Zone 2. This is done by using the same color of acrylic that was applied to Zone 3 when the nails were first done. The old product is blended to the natural nail and any lifting is filed off the nail. The new product is then placed into Zone 3 and blended into Zone 2. It is recommended to repair any cracks or lifting at this time to prevent any other problems such as bacteria growth between the natural nail and the acrylic.  Two- week acrylic nail maintenance is different from four-week only with pink and white acrylic nails. If pink and white is used, then the white smile lines are replaced or moved back every four weeks.

Four-Week Pink and White Acrylic Nail Maintenance

Four-week maintenance Acrylic is very similar to the initial pink and white application. The acrylic moves forward with the nail growth. This makes the white smile line move forward on the nail so that it no longer covers the natural nail’s smile line to show through the acrylic product.  The acrylic is filed down and blended into the new growth. The free edge, where the smile line is located, is thinned out as well as filling in the new growth. For this procedure Both pink and white is used,  this maintenance is performed to re-balanced the nail.

Acrylic Nail Removal

Acrylic Nail can be removed by using acetone or the manufacture’s recommended artificial nail remover product.  The acetone will softens and dissolves the artificial nail. It is beneficial for the client to follow up acrylic nail removal with a manicure and a nail strengthener or treatment. This also will help to add moisture and strength back into the nail plate.

Hot Oil Manicure

A beneficial treatment for dry cuticles/fingers. Treatment includes nail filing and shaping. Your hands will then be soaked in our special warm oil and cream, followed by our regular manicure. Customized Hot Oil & Spa Manicure A combination of our hot oil manicure and our customized spa manicure. French Manicure A regular manicure finished with French polish. Customized Spa Manicure (French Polish) Our customized spa manicure finished with French polish. Customized Hot Oil & Spa Manicure (French Polish) A combination of our hot oil massage and our customized spa manicure, finished with French polish.


Nail filing and shaping, soaking of the fingers, relaxing hand/arm massage, treatment of the cuticles, choice of polish. Mini Manicure A regular manicure with no massage, no cuticle.


Treatment includes cuticles, calluses, dry to extreme fissures, and nail shaping. A deep, relaxing foot and leg massage is also performed, finished with your choice of polish.   Mini Pedicure A regular pedicure with no massage, no callus. French Pedicure A regular pedicure finished with French polish. Pedicure with Gel Overlay A regular pedicure finished with a coloured gel of your choice for your toenails

Spa Manicure

Customized Spa Manicure An ideal treatment for dry/damaged cuticles and hands. It’s like a facial for your hands. In addition to our regular manicure, you are treated with a firm but gentle “hot stone” massage of your arms and hands. Also included is an exfoliation (sugar scrub) of the hands, and a moisturizing mask or paraffin wax is applied. This results in younger-looking skin, leaving your hands feeling soft and supple.

Spa Pedicure

An ideal treatment for dry/damaged/sweaty feet, fissures, and calluses. It’s like a facial for your feet. In addition to our regular pedicure, you are treated with a firm but gentle “hot stone” massage of your legs and feet. Also included is an exfoliation (sugar or cream scrub) of the legs and feet, and a moisturizing mask or paraffin wax is applied. This results in younger-looking skin, leaving your feet feeling soft and supple.  Customized Spa Pedicure (French Polish) Our customized spa pedicure finished with French polish. Customized Spa Pedicure with Gel Overlay Our customized spa pedicure finished with a coloured gel of your choice for your toenails.

Other Services

French Polish Polish Change Paraffin Wax (Hands Only) Mask (Hands Only) Nail Art Fingernail Clipping Fingernail and Toenail Clipping “Hot Stone” Massage of the Arms and Hands (20 minutes)

Waxing and Sugaring

Elisabeth Salon and Spa waxing treatments ensure that your skin is properly cared for both before and after hair removal.

Important Note

Cleanse and exfoliate your skin beforehand. “Exfoliating will help with ingrown hairs. And during the sugaring process, fewer dead skin cells will collect in the paste, Coming in with clean skin is best. Do not apply any lotions or oils before your treatment.” This way, your hair will come out more easily, guaranteeing the smoothest and most comfortable result.