Our Goal

We are alert to the client’s mood, courteous, and friendly. We give friendly and courteous service to all our clients. We treat everyone honestly and fairly. We show respect for the feelings, beliefs, and rights of others.  We keep our word. We are responsible and fulfil our obligations.

We disinfect and practice the highest standard of sanitation to protect our health and the health of our clients and coworkers.

Elisabeth Hair Salon, Spa and Hair Extensions

The technical term for hair on one’s head is called “capilli.” Hair is chiefly composed of a protein called Keratin. Hair is divided into two parts: the root and the shaft. The hair root is that portion of the hair’s structure located beneath the skin’s surface. This is the portion of the hair enclosed within the follicle. The hair shaft is that portion of the hair’s structure extending above the skin’s surface. 

At Elisabeth Hair Salon, Spa and Hair Extensions, as hair stylists and aestheticians, it is important to have a technical knowledge of hair and aesthetics. This knowledge is an asset to us as professional cosmetologists.

Like people, hair and skin come in a variety of colours, shapes, ands sizes. To keep hair and skin healthy and beautiful, proper attention must be given to its care and treatment. Applying a harsh product, or receiving improper hair service can cause the hair’s structure to become weakened or damaged—just as with skin. Knowledge and analysis of the client’s hair, tactful suggestions for its improvement, and a sincere interest in maintaining its health and beauty is a primary concern at Elisabeth Braiding and Hair Extension.